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Our Utility Billing module provides the Tax or Utility Department with all their utility billing needs.


  • Includes all available security features
  • History of all usage bills, assessment bills, and payments from previous years
  • Interfaces with our Assessor Administration module
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Multiple Billing Info

  • Owner Data Assessment Information 
  • Usage Information 
  • Billing Information 
  • Automatic Recalculation of Fees and Interest 
  • Automatic Calculation of Credit Card Payment Fees 
  • Work Order and Field Technician management 

Other Benefits

  • Streamlined Payment Processing – Online Also
  • Prints reports on demand 
  • Easily print labels 
  • Easy download to all Microsoft Office products 
  • Access Assessment information from previous years 
  • Inquiry for historic information

One solution, two platforms.

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