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Revaluation Services

With a team of field representatives we can cover the largest towns revaluations in a matter of weeks.

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During the revaluation, eQuality has a known presence. We work closely with the Assessor throughout the project. It is important to us to maintain a low Staff to customer ratio in order to provide our customers with the attention they both require and deserve to deliver a quality revaluation. We believe in transparency in all that we, do providing the Assessor with all of the information needed throughout the project to ensure that the project is on time and the State Statutes are met.

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Real-time Revaluation Data Access

Ability to monitor the progress from start to finish and avoid dual data entry of ownership or permits. Review data collection, data entry and the valuations at any time throughout the project

Experienced Diverse Property Categories

Waterfront, Historical Buildings, Downtown, Special Taxing Districts

On-Demand Status Reports

Easy to read graphs and reports that show progress of data mailers, field work, and data entry

Document Management

All data-collection documents and data-mailers are scanned and attached to the account for assessor review

Hearings Website

Customized hearing website with information on the informal hearing process and what to bring to the hearing, and updates with sales information and final revaluation property cards

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