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About Us

We build software to help local government run better.

It all started with four clients in a small office building in 1981. We now have over 200 installations, support multiple software packages, and provide our clients with services for almost every situation.

Choose QDS for your office and see why we maintain a 100% customer retention rate.

"Quality is not just our name, it's our motto."

  • CAMA

    Powerful and flexible CAMA software for both Real Estate and Personal/Tangible Property.
  • Revenue Collection

    The final stop for your municipality's tax billing and collection needs.
  • Production

    QDS has its own in house full service production department for all of your printing, mailing, or bookbinding needs.
  • Revaluations

    From Full to Hybrid to Updates; we have the management skills and tools to successfully deliver your Revaluation Project.
  • Assessment Administration

    Real Estate parcel maintenance, Motor Vehicle tax production, Exemption benefits and more!

    Allow customers to pay multiple bill types online in a single transaction!
  • Epson Certified Repair Center

    Fast turnaround, loaner service available, Epson certified employees on staff.
  • IT Services

    Contact us about our Hardware and Network Support, MIND plans, and QVault backup service.

How It All Began

Quality Data Service, Inc. is a privately owned, leading edge software development company that has been providing application software systems to municipalities since April 1981. QDS has over 30 years of experience in developing solutions exclusively for the public sector marketplace. In fact, municipal software development and implementation is all we do: all of our resources are geared towards providing our clients the latest software innovations and are always up to date with State regulations and modifications.

Developed locally, QDS has been in a privileged position in addressing all of the State of Connecticut’s municipal requirements. Our applications are used in over 200 towns, boroughs, and districts in Connecticut - a 90% market share - making us the undisputed industry leader since 1981. Our applications work for municipalities of all sizes, from a big city like Waterbury, CT (over 50 users) to a smaller tax district like East Killingly Fire District (1 user).

We are members of CAAO and CTx and have certified Assessors and Tax Collectors on staff whose knowledge is surpassed only by their courtesy. We also provide on-site training as suits our customers’ needs and offer software support, training, and customer service from our office located in Waterbury, Connecticut.

For impeccable service, and superior software development and implementation, choose QDS today!

System Benefits

• Leading edge proven technology

• All products are written using Microsoft Visual Basic and use Microsoft’s SQL Server Database

• Continually improving products, including browser based applications

• All products interface with Microsoft Office and have e-mail capabilities

• All QDS products have high-level security features and audit trails

• ODBC (Open Database Compliant) Database – easily interfaces to other ODBC software applications

• Lowest overall costs for municipalities

• Easy systems maintenance

• Easy Download to all Microsoft Office products

• High customer satisfaction rate

• User Group Meetings

• All State of CT Reports

• One of the highest customer retention rates in the industry

Service Facts

• Serviced customers for over 30 Years (since 1981)

• ONLY business is software for municipalities and agencies

• Has certified assessors and tax collectors on staff

• Prints over 4 million tax bills and statements per year

• Services over 156 out of 169 Connecticut municipalities (over 90% of Connecticut towns)

• Services over 55 boroughs and taxing districts in Connecticut

• Services municipalities with populations less than 1,000 and over 140,000

• Prints over 500 Rate Books per year

• Provides FREE follow up training at our Waterbury, CT office

• Provides integrated IT management services including FULL information technology services with iBackup (cloud based Backup services)

• A vendor for specialized forms and supplies for Tax and Assessor offices

For over 38 years, our main focus has always been our customers.