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QDS Core

Collection and Revenue Administration Software

Property Taxes made simple.

QDS Core is a property appraisal and tax collection application designed specifically for municipalities. The Core includes a number of cross-platform modules that can run on Windows or in a web browser.

Assessment Adminstration

Features of the Assessor module include:

  • Grand Lists and Tax Rolls

    All of your current and past assessment information is available to you at all times in the same database.
  • CoC's and Abatements

    Easily enter and maintain your assessment changes throughout the year, including a history feature of all past changes.
  • Assessment Exemptions

    Exemption application maintenance, including elderly, homestead, veteran, or set up your own custom exemptions.
  • Tax Benefits

    Tax benefit application maintenance, including tax deductions, percent deductions, local senior benefit programs, and even custom municipal tax benefit programs.
  • Motor Vehicle Imports and Maintenance

    Import your municipality's motor vehicle from your State Motor Vehicle Department and then run reports, adjust vehicles, or price vehicles with ease.
  • Personal/Tangible Property Maintenance

    Assess your municipality's business property, including features for equipment depreciation, penalties, filing status, and business information.

Revenue / Tax Collection

Features of the Revenue Collector Module include:

  • Full History of all Taxes

    Tracks all payments, credits, refunds, and voids on every account, including a full history of all back years.
  • Lients, Tax Titles, and Warrants

    Track all of your delinquent collection procedures for Real Estate parcels, or other property taxes.
  • Demands and Delinquent Statements

    Print out and track Demand letters, or send out customizable statements for delinquent accounts or as a payment reminder.
  • Escrow and Lockbox Integration

    Easily import batch payments from escrow companies and banks, or from a lockbox facility for your mail and tax bill coupons.
  • Receipt Printers and Scanners

    Fully integrates with receipt printers and scanners for fast collection.
  • Financial Interface

    Interfaces with a number of third party fund accounting systems for revenue reporting.

Reports and Special Functions

  • Both preset and custom reports

    If you need it, we already have it. And if we don't, you can easily write your own reports.
  • Flexibility

    We have a feature for every situation imaginable.
  • Customization

    Need something special? We offer custom programming for our all clients.
  • Online Payments

    Full integration with our product, including automatic nightly updates.
  • Easy User Security and Set Up

    Allows for multiple users, and the ability to set up counter computers for taxpayer search. Also includes set up for use in other offices such as Building Department or Town Clerk.
  • Extract and Data Validation

    Easy extract of all data, even down to the field level.

Other Features

  • Security

    By using a robust and secure web API backend, QDS Core runs off the same database, allowing minimal upkeep and expense.
  • Data Flexibility

    The Database can be housed either locally with your IT Department, or externally on a cloud based server.
  • Third Party Integration

    QDS Core can bridge from many third party CAMA systems, and can bridge to third party fund accounting systems.
  • Connectivity with other vendors

    The web API allows for easy connection to other vendors in your municipality, such as banks, appraisal companies, or financial software providers.
  • Certified Support

    We have certified Assesors and certified Tax Collectors on staff for support and trouble shooting.
  • And much more

    Call us for more information!

What does "cross-platform" mean?

Core runs in a web browser, giving the flexibility to run anywhere from your PC, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone, and is great for taking payments, benefit applications, or assessment changes.

You can also use our Core Windows App, and get the benefit of online collaboration with the speed of running Core on your local machine. This is better for heavy reporting or extracts, larger transactions like property pricing or lockbox payments, and system maintenance.

All the data from the Core browser or Core Windows App is on the same database, and you can run both versions in the same office.