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QDS 5 Suite

Every feature, every function, every need.

Our #1 Revenue Collection and Assessor Administration software just got better!

Built from 38 years of experience.

The QDS5 Suite is our upgraded version of our renowned software. It is the 5th version of our software, and contains 5 different modules built for municipalities of all sizes. Some features include:

  • Full Multi-level Security

  • Extensive One-step inquiry

  • Electronic Exemption / Credit Applications

  • Motor Vehicle Pricing

  • Provides history of all previous year's assessments and taxes

  • Bank, Escrow, Warrants, Liens, Demands

  • And many more!

QDS5 Modules

The QDS5 Assessor Administration module provides the Assessor's Department with a module that addresses all interior administrative needs. This user friendly system has modules for Real Estate, Personal Property, and Motor Vehicle Assessment Administration. This easy to use module can also interface with our Personal Property Module as well as a number of third party CAMA systems.


  • Full Multi-level Security
  • Extensive One-Step Inquiry
  • Motor Vehicle Pricing
  • Full Integration with our Tax Collector and Personal Property Modules
  • CAMA Bridges


  • Streamlines Assessor's workflow
  • Instant access to all property information
  • Print reports on demand
  • Easy download to all Microsoft Office products
  • Tracks Assessment and Exemption changes on every account

The QDS5 PP CAMA module provides the Assessor's Office with additional features and functions above and beyond the Personal Property module included within the Assessor Administration module. QDS5 PP CAMA features an easy to use interface for tracking historic assessment information that is used to prepare Personal Property Declarations. It can also automatically update the Personal Property data in the Assessor Administration Module.


  • Flexible security levels by user
  • Software mirrors CAAO declaration form
  • Provides history of all previous year's assessments
  • Automatically updates Assessor Administration Module
  • Ready for Online Personal Property Declaration system


  • Automatic calculation of depreciation
  • Automatic calculation of penalties
  • Choice of 4 options of penalty applications
  • Print Reports and labels on demand
  • Easy download to all Microsoft Office products
  • Side-by-side display of previous year's assessment

The Tax Collector module provides the Tax Collector's Office with the latest state-of-the-art collection tools that will help to streamline workflow. This user friendly system interfaces with the Assessor Administration module and a number of third party fund accounting system for revenue reporting.


  • Full Multi-level Security
  • History of all tax bills and collections from previous years
  • Includes the following modules:
    • Business Data
    • Bank Service Escrow Billing
    • Warranty Tracking
    • Lien Tracking
  • Collections with validator printer and scanners
  • Tax Payment history for IRS
  • Full integration to Assessor Admin module
  • Integrates with most fund accounting systems


  • Streamlines Revenue Collector's workflow
  • Instant access to all payment information
  • Prints reports on demand
  • Easy download to all Microsoft Office products
  • Tracks all payments, credits, and voids on every account

The Parking Ticket module by QDS is a new web hosted application that allows for the collection, processing, and issuing of parking tickets, violations, and parking permits.
As a stand-alone product, the Parking Ticket module can be used on any PC with a web browser, which allows for use in multiple offices throughout your Municipal campus. It can be hosted over the cloud, or run on your Municipal servers.


  • Completely customizable system
  • Easy to set up codes for permits, violations, tickets, or any other type of infraction
  • Allows for multiple violations on one ticket
  • Custom violations, such as Snow Removal or Loitering
  • Custom permit types, such as Parking Permits or Day Beach Passes
  • Fee function allows for a huge range of fee types, including Doubling, Tripling, or custom fees
  • Stand-alone collection OR collection through your QDS Tax Collector Module

The QDS5 Utility Billing module within the Tax Collector module provides the Tax or Utility Department with all their utility billing needs. It is easy to use, and allows for multiple Assessment and Betterment plans, as well as flat rate or metered usage Sewer or Water billing. Our system can accept readings from a number of automated meter reading scanners.


  • Module within Tax Collector module, includes all avaliable security features
  • History of all usage bills, assessment bills, and payments from previous years
  • Interfaces with Assessor Administration module
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities
  • Multiple Billings
  • Information tracked includes:
    • Owner Data
    • Assessment Information
    • Usage Information
    • Billing Information
    • Automatic Recalculation of Fees and Interest
    • Automatic Calculation of Credit Card Payment Fees


  • Streamlined Payment Processing
  • Prints reports on demand
  • Easily print labels
  • Easy download to all Microsoft Office products
  • Access Assessment information from previous years
  • Inquiry for historic information

Newest QDS5 Features:

  • Faster grid load

  • Larger screens and grids

  • Faster interest calculation

  • Easy updates through the internet

  • Faster returns on large reports

  • And all the old QDS features you already love!