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from Quality Data Service

QDS' cloud data backup and restore solution

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Managing Integrated Networks & Data

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Database hosting,
hardware setup, and more!

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Independent backup offsite from QDS and your Municipality

Auto-backup all QDS Databases + information including:

  • Assessor Administration
  • Tax
  • Any other database on your server*

*database credentials needed for this service.

QVault secure data backups help businesses meet federal mandates like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA and SEC/NASD acts.

QVault is an important part of your disaster recovery plan. Nightly backups allow seamless rollback to previous day's backup in case of data emergency.

What are MIND plans?

QDS offers three unique service plans within the MIND program to suite your town's specific requirements on a monthly basis.

We're here to help upgrade and maintain your hardware.

  • Epson service and reseller
  • Dell reseller
  • Honeywell Support and reseller
  • Installations